Showroom: Haunted houses: Welcome! («Английские привидения желают познакомиться…»)

Авторы шоурума: Петренко Софья, Краюшкина Ольга, Матвеева Анастасия, Васечкина Полина, Калмыкова Людмила, Бачурина Елизавета, студенты группы АНБ-312 ВГСПУ; Грицаенко Алина, студентка группы РАБ-51 ВГСПУ; Резник Татьяна, доцент каф. английского языка и методики его преподавания ВГСПУ.

Аннотация шоурума: Изучая материалы этого шоурума, вы окажетесь в гуще событий и вспомните самые загадочные истории английских домов с привидениями: легенды, художественные произведения и, конечно, реальные истории.

Haunted houses: Welcome! («Английские привидения желают познакомиться…»)

Раздел 1.

Начнем погружение в нашу страшную, но привлекательную тему с изучения самого классического вида искусства, представленного в нашем шоуруме —    литературных источников. Прочитайте отрывки из известных произведений, где хозяйничают привидения. Ментальная карта, которую вы найдете после каждого отрывка, поможет вам сориентироваться. Для большего эффекта предлагаем выключить свет и/или накрыться одеялом с головой и вашим гаджетом.

 “The Canterville Ghost” by Oscar Wilde (Chapter 2)

   The storm raged fiercely all that night, but nothing of particular note occurred.
   The next morning, however, when they came down to breakfast, they found the terrible stain of blood once again on the floor.
   «I don’t think it can be the fault of the Paragon Detergent,» said Washington, «for I have tried it with everything.
   It must be the ghost.»
   He accordingly rubbed out the stain a second time, but the second morning it appeared again.
   The third morning also it was there, though the library had been locked up at night by Mr. Otis himself, and the key carried up-stairs.
   The whole family were now quite interested; Mr. Otis began to suspect that he had been too dogmatic in his denial of the existence of ghosts, Mrs. Otis expressed her intention of joining the Psychical Society, and Washington prepared a long letter to Messrs. Myers and Podmore on the subject of the Permanence of Sanguineous Stains when connected with Crime.
   That night all doubts about the objective existence of phantasmata were removed forever.
   The day had been warm and sunny; and, in the cool of the evening, the whole family went out to drive.
   They did not return home till nine o’clock, when they had a light supper.
   At eleven o’clock the family retired, and by half-past all the lights were out.
   Some time after, Mr. Otis was awakened by a curious noise in the corridor, outside his room.
   It sounded like the clank of metal, and seemed to be coming nearer every moment.
   He got up at once, struck a match, and looked at the time.
   It was exactly one o’clock.
   He was quite calm, and felt his pulse, which was not at all feverish.
   The strange noise still continued, and with it he heard distinctly the sound of footsteps.
   He put on his slippers, took a small oblong phial out of his dressing-case, and opened the door.
   Right in front of him he saw, in the wan moonlight, an old man of terrible aspect.
   His eyes were as red burning coals; long grey hair fell over his shoulders in matted coils; his garments, which were of antique cut, were soiled and ragged, and from his wrists and ankles hung heavy manacles and rusty gyves.



“The legend of sleepy Hollow” by Washington Irving

   The hair of the affrighted pedagogue rose upon his head with terror. What was to be done? To turn and fly was now too late; and besides, what chance was there of escaping ghost or goblin, if such it was, which could ride upon the wings of the wind? Summoning up, therefore, a show of courage, he demanded in stammering accents, “Who are you?” He received no reply. He repeated his demand in a still more agitated voice. Still there was no answer. Once more he cudgelled the sides of the inflexible Gunpowder, and, shutting his eyes, broke forth with involuntary fervor into a psalm tune. Just then the shadowy object of alarm put itself in motion, and with a scramble and a bound stood at once in the middle of the road. Though the night was dark and dismal, yet the form of the unknown might now in some degree be ascertained. He appeared to be a horseman of large dimensions, and mounted on a black horse of powerful frame. He made no offer of molestation or sociability, but kept aloof on one side of the road, jogging along on the blind side of old Gunpowder, who had now got over his fright and waywardness.
   Ichabod, who had no relish for this strange midnight companion, and bethought himself of the adventure of Brom Bones with the Galloping Hessian, now quickened his steed in hopes of leaving him behind. The stranger, however, quickened his horse to an equal pace. Ichabod pulled up, and fell into a walk, thinking to lag behind, —the other did the same. His heart began to sink within him; he endeavored to resume his psalm tune, but his parched tongue clove to the roof of his mouth, and he could not utter a stave. There was something in the moody and dogged silence of this pertinacious companion that was mysterious and appalling. It was soon fearfully accounted for. On mounting a rising ground, which brought the figure of his fellow-traveller in relief against the sky, gigantic in height, and muffled in a cloak, Ichabod was horror-struck on perceiving that he was headless!—but his horror was still more increased on observing that the head, which should have rested on his shoulders, was carried before him on the pommel of his saddle! His terror rose to desperation; he rained a shower of kicks and blows upon Gunpowder, hoping by a sudden movement to give his companion the slip; but the spectre started full jump with him.

«Blithe Spirit» by Noel Coward

Ruth: Charles!
Elvira: That was very clumsy, Charles dear.
Charles: Elvira! — then it’s true — it was you.
Elvira: Of course it was.
Ruth: (starts to go to Charles) Charles — darling Charles — what are you talking about?
Charles: (to Elvira) Are you a ghost?
Elvira: (crosses below sofa to fire) I suppose I must be — it’ all very confusing.
Ruth: (comes to right of Charles, becoming agitated) Charles — what do you keep looking over there for? Look at me — what’s happened?
Charles: Don’t you see?
Ruth: See what?
Charles: Elvira.
Ruth: (staring at him incredulously) Elvira!!
Charles: (with an effort at social grace] Yes — Elvira, dear, this is Ruth — Ruth, this is Elvira.
Ruth: tries to take his arm. Charles retreats down stage left.
Ruth: (with forced calmness) Come and sit down, darling.
Charles: Do you mean to say you can’t see her?
Ruth: Listen, Charles — you just sit down quietly by the fire and I’ll mix you another drink. Don’t worry about the mess on the carpet — Edith can clean it up in the morning. (She takes him by the arm)
Charles: (breaking away) But you must be able to see her — she’s there — look — right in front of you — there—
Ruth: Are you mad? What’s happened to you?
Charles: You can’t see her?
Charles: What is it?
Elvira: I want to cry, but I don’t think if I am able to…
Charles: What do you want to cry for?
Elvira: It’s seeing you again — and you being so irascible like you always used to be …
Charles: I don’t mean to be irascible, Elvira…
Elvira: Darling — I don’t mind really — I never did.
Charles: Is it cold — being a ghost?
Elvira: No — I don’t think so.
Charles: What happens if I touch you?
Elvira: I doubt if you can. Do you want to?
Charles: (sits left end of sofa) Oh, Elvira…. (He buries his face in his hands.)
Elvira: (to left arm of sofa) What is it, darling?
Charles: I really do feel strange, seeing you again …
Elvira: (moves to right below sofa and round above it again to left arm) That’s better.
 Charles: (looking up) What’s better?
Elvira: Your voice was kinder.
Charles: Was I ever unkind to you when you were alive?
Elvira: Often …
Charles: Oh, how can you! I’m sure that’s an exaggeration.
Elvira: Not at all — you were an absolute pig that time we went to Cornwall and stayed in that awful hotel — you hit me with a billiard cue—
Charles: Only very, very gently… .
Elvira: I loved you very much

Ну как, страшно? Надеемся, что ДА.

Раздел 2

Теперь приобщимся к современному формату знакомства с литературными произведениями – аудиокнигам. К каждому аудио и видео отрывку прилагается задание – тренируем навыки аудирования вместе с расширением социокультурной эрудиции. – listen to this story by R. Kipling and say who was the ghost in it: Bahadur Khan, Strickland, Tietjens, Imray or Karait.

Раздел 3

Перейдем к наглядному виду искусства – кино. Посмотрите, как по-разному изображаются приведения в фильмах. – прекрасный, добрый, романтичный американский фильм ‘The Ghost’ 1990 года. По ссылке доступен клип с саундтреком и кадрами из фильма. — очень смешной ‘Ghostbusters’ 1984 года. По ссылке первые 10 минут фильма на английском языке. – а вот этот фильм 1963 года под названием ‘The Haunting’ считается положившим начало жанру метафизического хоррора, был настоящей легендой своего времени. По ссылке англоязычный трейлер.

Раздел 4

Не уверены, можно ли назвать формат роликов на Youtube искусством, но это точно замечательный способ погружения в язык и культуру.

Task 1. How do you know there is a ghost? Do you hear? See? Smell? Or feel?

Task 2. What are the first mentions of ghosts (reportedly)?

Task 3. How old is the castle? What kings are connected with it? Who left graffiti on the walls there?

Раздел 5

А теперь сфокусируемся на лексической стороне вопроса. Глоссарий, размещенный ниже, поможет вам поддержать светскую беседу на тему призраков и рассказать захватывающую историю из своей собственной жизни. Вы ведь встречались с привидением?

Скачать глоссарий

Раздел 6

Пора узнать поближе, где живут привидения. Представляем вам хит-парад британских домов с привидениями. Выбирайте пункты в ваш будущий туристический маршрут по Соединенному Королевству. А виртуальный тур доступен вам прямо сейчас!

  1. Tower of London, by name the Tower, royal fortress and London Its buildings and grounds served historically as a royal palace, a political prison, a place of execution, an arsenal, a royal mint, a menagerie, and a public records office. There are a lot of ghosts.

Ghosts: Headless Haunts, Suffocating Sensations and Wandering White Women.
More information:

  1. Edinburgh Castle, stronghold that was once the residence of Scottishmonarchs and now serves mostly as a museum. It stands 443 feet (135 metres) above sea level and overlooks the city of Edinburgh from a volcanic crag called Castle Rock. Castle Rock has been the site of human activity for at least 3,000 years. By 600 CE a Celtic tribe called the Votadini, or Gododdin, had built Eidyn’s Hill Fort on the rock. The first king of Scotland who is known to have made his residence on Castle Rock was Malcolm III Canmore (reigned 1058–93).

Ghosts: a phantom piper, a headless drummer, the spirits of French prisoners from the Seven Years War and colonial prisoners from the American Revolutionary War.
More information:

  1. Bodiam Castle opens a window onto late fourteenth-century England, the world of Chaucer. The castle survives physically as a moated ruin within the Rother valley, but its spirit resides in its power to capture your imagination and allow you to ‘look into another world’.  Reactions are distinct and personal: for some, the place evokes imagery of medieval knights; for others, it is the ultimate ‘bucket and spade’ castle.

Ghost: The Red Lady.
More information:

  1. Kilkenny, Irish Cill Chainnighcity, municipal borough, and seat of County KilkennyIreland. It lies on both banks of the River Nore about 30 miles (50 km) north of Waterford. The ancient capital of the kingdom of Ossory, Kilkenny in Norman times had two townships: Irishtown, which had its charter from the bishops of Ossory; and Englishtown, which was established by William Marshal, earl of Pembroke, and was raised to the status of a city in 1609. The two were united in 1843. The people of Kilkenny are known as “Cats,” the name likely originating in the medieval

Ghost: The White Lady.
More information:

  1. Highclere Castle, stately home in HampshireEngland, owned by the earls of Carnarvon. The castlehas more than 200 rooms and stands on a tract of about 1,060 acres (430 hectares). It gained fame as the setting for the television series Downton Abbey (2010–15).

Ghosts: There are no ghosts.
More information:

  1. Inveraray Castle has been standing on the shores of Loch Fyne since the 1400s, although the impressive castle we know today was inspired by a sketch by Vanbrugh, the architect of Blenheim Palace and Castle Howard in the 1700s. Vanbrugh died soon afterwards, but the great architect’s gem of an idea became the base of the house which the 3rd Duke was eventually to build. The foundation stone was laid in 1746 and what followed was the construction — to a design by the architects Roger Morris and William Adam — of a truly modern, baroque, Palladian and Gothic-style castle, architecturally before its time. Both Morris and Adam died before the castle was finished and Adam’s sons, James and Robert, brought the castle to completion 43 years after the first stone was laid. The castle we know today was the result of a fire in 1877, which resulted in the addition of the third floor and conical roofs on the corner towers.

Ghost: The Duke.
More information:

  1. Windsor Castle, English royal residence that stands on a ridge at the northeastern edge of the district of Windsor and Maidenheadin the county of BerkshireEngland. The castle occupies 13 acres (5 hectares) of ground above the south bank of the River Thames.

Ghosts: Henry VIII, Queen Elizabeth I, King George II and Hern the Hunter.
More information:

  1. The Scottish home of the Royal family, Balmoral Castle is a 19th-century castle built of local granite in baronial style, for Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. The royal couple first leased the property in 1848, and four years later Albert purchased it for the queen.

Ghost: John Brown.

  1. Glamis Castle has been the ancestral seat to the Earls of Strathmore and Kinghorne since 1372, inspiration for Shakespeare’s Macbeth, the childhood home of HM Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, and birthplace of HRH The Princess Margaret.

Ghosts: The Woman without a Tongue, the Grey Lady, The Young Servant Boy and Earl Beardie.
More information:

  1. Cardiff Castle is one of Wales’ leading heritage attractions and a site of international significance. Located within beautiful parklands at the heart of the capital’s city centre, Cardiff Castle’s Romanesque walls and fairytale towers conceal 2,000 years of history.

Ghosts: The Grey Lady, Sarah, Lady Sophia, The Giant and Ghostly Soldier.
More information:

Раздел 7

Наш шоурум подходит к концу. Надеемся вам с нами было не скучно и полезно. Давайте повторим пройденное. Вот упражнения и тест, которые помогут вам оценить степень погружения в призрачный мир.

Tasks to Practise and Test the “Ghostly” Glossary

Примечание: Если вы выполняете данный квиз на компьютере, вы можете воспользоваться функцией проверки своего ответа. Для этого наведите курсор мыши на строку Hover your mouse to see the answers. Вы также можете посмотреть правильные ответы по этой ссылке.

Task 1. Finish up the sentence with a descriptive lexical unit from the glossary.

  1. If your ghost is noiseless you can’t call it … .
  2. If you are not scared you can’t call your ghost … . (2 words)
  3. If there is a whole bunch of ghosts living at your place, you can’t call any of them … .
  4. If everybody insists that your ghost is commonplace and unimpressive, you can’t call it … .
  5. If, for some reason, your ghost has stopped being sad and has found peace and rest, you can’t call it … . (2 words)
  6. If your ghost is merrymaking, you can’t call it … .

Hover your mouse to see the answers

Task 2. Fill in the blanks in the story with verbs from the glossary in the necessary form.

Once upon a time there lived a very active ghost. Its name was Richard, that is to say, it was a he-ghost. So, every night he … his grounds from dusk to dawn, … his chains disgracefully loudly. Those were not the only sounds to wake up the miserable dwellers of the house: he duly … and … at short intervals. The people in the house longed to catch Richard and … his poor spirit but, unfortunately, he was too quick to … under lock and key – as any advanced ghost he went … across the stately rooms of the house and just stopped to … over the masters’ beds for an instant. Whether the people in the haunted house ever found a solution or not is shrouded in mystery.

Hover your mouse to see the answers

Task 3. Are these sentences true or false in the lexical usage?

  1. Jane asked the medium to gather the spirit of Julius Caesar.
  2. So, did the ghostbusters eventually help the hunted family?
  3. When they were dubbed by the media ‘paranormal investors’ the ghostbusters were really pleased and proud.
  4. How do you recognize the local ghost if you see it? – Well, it’s easy, you see: by the prettycoat it is wearing.
  5. Medium: Today’s show is cancelled – I’ve just smashed the main equipment – my magic crystal sphere.
  6. I’m so sorry you are being a cynic about it. I AM seeing things!

Hover your mouse to see the answers

Task 4. Paraphrase using expressions from the glossary

  1. Let me tell you about a strange story that happened to me at Westminster Abbey’s crypt.
  2. Why are you screaming? – Because I woke up scared out of my wits!
  3. Let’s go back. I’m not liking this Labyrinth of Fear entertainment, however much the tickets have cost you. The cold draughts I am feeing are unbearable.
  4. The journalists of “The Creepy Show” are interviewing the people living in Castle Howard, a stately home in North Yorkshire, England, 15 miles north of York – the haunted house.
  5. The Tower is best known for its wild and swirling history.
  6. As part of her postgraduate research project, Imogen Reagan has collected a large album of pictures featuring images of ghosts looking alive.

Hover your mouse to see the answers

Do the test

  1. Miss Pritchet wouldn’t want to return home tonight – she claims there is … in the house.
    1. poltergeist
    2. poultry
  2. The game’s name — … — is a blunt ‘allusion’ to its main theme and activity: you have to make elixirs and put spells.
    1. minecraft
    2. witchcraft
  3. It’s for a good reason that this place looks deserted – no one would agree to live in such a / an … place.
    1. famous
    2. infamous
  4. Will you forgive me if I say the incident was a … that went wrong?
    1. crank
    2. prank
  5. Our Dad is the most hard-boiled man in the world, and he will never be disturbed by any … with the world of the supernatural.
    1. encounters
    2. discounters
  6. Who is the author? – Well, it’s an absolutely folklore … .
    1. tale
    2. tail

 Hover your mouse to see the answers

Раздел 8

Самостоятельная работа. Вот эти призраки очень известны в англоязычной культуре: Banshee, Herne the Hunter, Spring-Heeled Jack, Black Dog. Найдите и изучите информацию о них самостоятельно.