АРХИВ: Задания для конкурса ‘Leaders’ Fights’

«Лидерские бои» для студентов в рамках VII Межрегионального фестиваля английского языка

20 мая 2015 г.

«Leaders’ Fights». Восемь участников мероприятия получат реальную возможность проявить свои знания и способности владения английским языком в режиме ролевого разыгрывания проблемных ситуаций.

Главной задачей конкурсантов является убеждение противоположной стороны и судей в правильности своей позиции. Основное умение — быстро и эффективно реагировать на аргументацию оппонента и реализовать коммуникативную задачу, описанную в задании.

Каждый участник заранее сможет подготовиться к поединку, так как описание проблемных ситуаций конкурсанты получают заранее.

Соревнование будет проводиться по олимпийской системе – на выбывание в три раунда: четвертьфинал, полуфинал и финальный поединок. Формат мероприятия известен в русскоязычной студенческой среде как «лидерские бои».

Situation 1

Big Ben is going to buy a modern mansion, which is located at the bottom of a valley. Ben has asked an estate agent to help him find a house to buy. The agent has one to offer. It seems typically English and Big Ben thinks it is worthwhile buying this lovely house. This mansion has huge oak-panelled rooms, an open fireplace and a large hall. Besides, it has a tennis court, a swimming pool and a garden. So there is much to do outside. Big Ben’s family comes first, that’s why he tries to do his best, but his wife is absolutely against buying this house. She is absolutely obsessed with city life, that’s why she wants to buy a huge flat in the centre of the city. Because of this situation Big Ben and his wife, Londie, have had a very serious quarrel. Londie says she is thinking of divorcing her husband. Big Ben can’t believe in it.

Characters and their interests:

Big Ben – to try to find a compromise and not to divorce Londie.

Londie – to buy a flat and not to divorce Big Ben.

The agent – to sell without a difference either a cottage, or a flat.

Situation 2

Mercutio and Tybalt are the most successful employees in the office. They are always feuding with each other, because both Tybalt and Mercutio want to move up the career ladder quickly. Nevertheless, they are friends and have a lot of common interests out of work. At the moment there is a vacancy of the most highly-paid post in the office. As their boss, Mr Prince, is Tybalt’s relative, Tybalt seems to have got this post, because he has used family relations for personal purposes at work. But it is not announced officially. Mercutio has been furious, because he is sure, there is nothing like as effective a worker in the office as he is. Since this situation started Mercutio can’t stand Tybalt. He thinks Tybalt lets him down quite badly, because he is sure, he should take this post. Tybalt does feel some remorse, he isn’t just happy. But still in his opinion the game is worth the candle, as far as the career ladder is concerned.

Characters and their interests:

Tybalt – to avoid the necessity to reveal the news about his appointment in the open, as it is still too soon. He also is eager to stay friends with Mercutio.

Mercutio – to speak with his former friend in the open, to find out the truth, to make Tybalt admit he wasn’t right, to have Mr Prince understand that Tybalt is poorly suited to the post in question as he is capable of betrayal.

Mr Prince, the boss – to prevent the conflict between the employees.

Situation 3

Jasper and Johnny share an apartment. For the past week Johnny’s friends have stayed over every night. They have arranged parties every day, inviting a lot of people. This affects Jasper’s sleeping, and he didn’t do well in his sociology test yesterday again. Jasper asked Johnny to stop doing it after the first sleepless night. But Johnny continued to invite people to parties. Jasper can’t stand it, because he has been failing his tests since Johnny’s friends have stayed at the apartment. Besides, there is a neighbour who wants to complain to the housing estate authorities. The only thing that stops her is the fact that she borrowed a considerable sum of money from Johnny and hasn’t paid it back yet.

Characters and their interests:

Jasper – to have an opportunity to prepare for his tests and sleep well. He doesn’t want to fall out with Johnny completely, as Johnny, after all, is very good at sociology and helps Jasper quite often with his term projects.

Johnny – to enjoy his life and arrange as many parties as possible to have fun and relax. He also wants Jasper not to be angry with him.

One of Johnny’s friends, Dude – to stay at the apartment as it is conveniently located. He is even prepared to do jobs around the house, at least some of them.

Neighbour, Fanny – to stop the parties and have quiet nights, to threat Jasper and Johnny that she is absolutely prepared to complain to the housing estate authorities. But, on the other hand, she fears that the question of the borrowed money might arise, so her strong intention is not to overdo it.